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I enjoy staying as active as I can and one of my favorite winter activities is to head up to the mountains and ski down crazy slopes!  Last year, however, I took a pretty bad tumble in New Hampshire and injured my MCL.  As a result, I had to wear a knee brace and hopped around on crutches for almost 6 months!  After that incident, I told myself that I would never ski again.  Well, that didn't last long. 

Now that I've recovered, our Director of Marketing & Promotion (Rob Hogan) asked if I would ever consider getting back on skis again and do a promotional appearance at Okemo in Ludlow, Vermont on 2/1.  Of course, I said yes and so glad I did!  This ski trip definitely restored my faith in my abilities and I can't wait to ski again as soon as possible! 

Not only was this weekend at Okemo thrilling, it was quite delicious too!  We stayed at the cozy and gorgeous Jackson Gore Inn and had an unforgettable meal at Coleman Brook Tavern.

Pictured above: 1) Short ribs of beef braised in carmelized onions and sherry with gruyere gremolata and maple horseradish yams, 2) Yellowfin tuna sesame coated with vegetables and noodles tossed in peanut sauce, 3) Brownie sundae with ice cream!

I sure consumed a lot, but hopefully the long hours of skiing balanced it all out!



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