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The biggest reason why I love my job so much at my favorite radio station is it allows me to tap into my lifelong passion for not only broadcasting, but TRAVEL.  At the end of January (coincidentally on my birthday!), I had the awesome opportunity to hop aboard Norwegian Cruise Line's brand new ship: Norwegian Getaway!  She was docked in NYC before making her journey to Miami. 

Since we are giving away 5 trips to listeners to win a 7-day cruise aboard this magnificent ship, my job was to scope out all the inside scoop for you.  Of course, finding out all about the delicious food on the ship was a top priority! 

Pictured above: 1) Spinach dip from O’Sheehan’s, a fantastic Irish pub, 2)  Salmon, French onion soup and chocolate dessert from Savor, a traditional yet contemporary restaurant offering the freshest flavors, 3) Complimentary chocolate-covered strawberries in the stateroom!

Norwegian Getaway has 27 dining options, so what I sampled above was just the tip of the iceberg!  Everything was so fresh and delicious.  Calories?  Oh please, there's no such thing! 



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