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MAGIC 106.7 is the nation's leader in award-winning programming by and for women. Created by Candy O'Terry in 1992, and co-hosted by Sue Tabb,  EXCEPTIONAL WOMEN airs Sunday mornings at 7:30 on MAGIC 106.7 and again at 8:30AM on MAGIC 106.7 HD-2.

EXCEPTIONAL WOMEN has won thirty-five prestigious awards including eighteen Gracie Allen Awards from the American Women in Radio & Television, seven Boston Achievement in Radio Awards, the "Star Award" from the Massachusetts Broadcaster's Association and the Communicator Awards 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2009 and 2012. EXCEPTIONAL WOMEN has put nearly 500 women in the spotlight.  Some of them make headlines, others make things happen quietly. 
How can I nominate someone to be on EXCEPTIONAL WOMEN?

E-mail a brief summary of her story to Candy O'Terry or Sue Tabb.  We get many submissions and there is no guarantee that yours will be chosen, but we carefully review all of them.

Exceptional Women Podcasts

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In 2013 MAGIC's Candy O'Terry has teamed up with Sheila Marcelo, CEO and Founder of Care.com, the largest and fastest growing company in its field to create the Exceptional Women Entrepreneur Series. If you are an entrepreneur we want to hear your story and we might even feature you on the series.  Hear it every Sunday at 7:25 right before the EXCEPTIONAL WOMEN show.
Presented by Care.com's WomenUp inititaive, dedicated to promoting female leadership worldwide, empowering girls and women, and developing a pipeline of female leaders in business and beyond. 
Visit WomenUp.org for more information. 
Sheila Marcelo, CEO/Founder of Care.com and Candy O'Terry 

Exceptional Women Entrepreneur Series Podcasts