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Tina Gao became a radio girl by a series of serendipitous events.  After graduating from UMass Amherst with a BA in Communication, Tina became a Personal Banker, then a Hedge Fund Administrator at top financial companies in downtown Boston.  She knew this wasn't the path she wanted to stay on, because there was no passion.  She then got a job as a Fundraiser in the Alumni Relations Department at Emerson College and this was where all the "MAGIC" began!  Through this job, Tina was immersed and surrounded by TV and radio and her eyes were opened to a whole new exciting world!  A few months into her new job, Tina decided to take a gigantic leap of faith by quitting her Fundraiser job and fully investing in radio…not knowing at all where the road would take her.  She began her radio career on WERS at Emerson College.  Tina then joined MAGIC's Street Team and as Luck, Timing and Fate would have it, she earned the rare opportunity to get on the air 3 months later!  She hasn't looked back since.  Tina absolutely loves being on the air and finally feels the passion.

Tina was born in China and immigrated to the United States with her family when she was 7, barely speaking a word of English.  She won't tell you what year!  She also spent a year in Montreal.  Tina is fluent in Mandarin Chinese, French and ENGLISH!  She is an equal opportunity foodie in the exciting world of peskatarianism.  She is also an avid animal lover, with an orange cat named Simba and a yellow lab named Google!

One of Tina's favorite quotes is by Joseph Campbell: "Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors for you where there were only walls."


Tina with jazz legend Patti Austin
Tina with Edwin McCain
Tina with saxophonist extraordinaire Dave Koz 

Tina Gao's Chow

When did you start at MAGIC?  I joined MAGIC in September 2007 and my first airshift was three months later around Christmas.  Best present EVER from Santa!

Favorite type of food? 
I love pretty much everything in the exciting world of vegetarianism!  I'm a big fan of spicy, ethnic food.  My favorite is Chinese, but in my case, I just call it "food" :)

Favorite MAGIC artist?
  Richard Marx and Kelly Clarkson .

Favorite new TV show?
  I don't have too much time to watch a lot of TV, which means I'm currently behind on new TV shows!  I'm a big fan of comedies, especially The King of Queens, 2 Broke Girls and The Big Bang Theory.

American Idol or The Voice?
  American Idol.

Favorite drink?  2 hydrogens + 1 oxygen.  I also love coconut water.

Favorite thing to cook?  Spicy spaghetti sauteed with mixed veggies and fried eggs on the side!
Favorite place to vacation?  Anywhere with a beach and soon to be Europe!  I love culture and nature and places that put me in AWE.

What would your alternate career be if you didn’t work at MAGIC? 
My dream job is to marry all my passions of being on the air, food, eating, travel, animals, entertainment and adventure!  I'd love to be a TV host on Travel Channel, Animal Planet, or Food Network.  What an exciting and fulfilling lifestyle that would be!  Animal advocacy will always be high on my list too.  Being VERSATILE is very important to me. 

What’s the worst job you ever had?  Working at a stuck up hedge fund company and fundraising office.  I'm so glad and grateful I took a leap of faith and landed with both feet firmly on the ground in my pursuit of entering the world of broadcasting.  This passion really allows my true personality to come through and shine.

Who is your celebrity crush? 
I have so many, but Kevin James is up there!

Dogs or Cats, or Neither?  Both, but leaning more toward cats.  I'm so in love with both Simba (my cat) and Google (my dog).

Favorite place to take your tourist friends when they visit Boston?
Back Bay, Faneuil Hall and Cape Cod!


Tina with music legend Herb Alpert backstage at the Wilbur Theatre 

Tina with Herb Alpert's band member extraordinaire, Hussain Jiffry