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Spring Break. Good For The Brain
Posted 3/24/2012 11:09:00 AM

What a week. It was spring break in our house. No I wasn't on vacation, but I felt like I was on one. Jarrod was home from college for his spring break, that in itself was worth a celebration. We made special dinners, sat outside on our deck and enjoyed the unusually warm March weather. We watched the buds appear on the trees and bushes. And we let our son put electrodes on our heads. WHAT??

Jarrod is a research assistant at his school's cognition and action lab. He asked his dad and me if we would like to participate in a sleep study. Being supportive parents, we agreed. It was quite an experience having to sleep with electrodes attached to different areas of the head and face. As part of the experiment we also were required to trace over various shapes as we looked at them in a mirror. Try it sometime, it's not easy!

The best part of all this was watching our son perform all of this with such command, measuring our heads, placing electrodes in the proper places, checking impedance levels and explaining what our brain waves were doing as we viewed them on a computer. So impressive!

At some point, your kids become adults. Sometimes it feels like it happens overnight. For me it really was! I woke up with electrodes attached to my head and there was a young man in our house, so smart and self assured. I couldn't be prouder. Yes, it was a wonderful spring break.

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