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The Best Time Of The Season
Posted 11/28/2011 10:59:00 AM

And just like that, it's the Christmas season! I've already noticed a few homes in my neighborhood have their lights and decorations on display. Yet, as I write this, it's 63 degrees! Then again, why not decorate now? Who knows what the weather will be like in the next few weeks? Take advantage of the mild weather to string your lights!


I love this part of the holiday season, it's still so new, with weeks ahead to look forward to. A few parties here and there, a trip or two to the mall. This is the part that feels the most relaxing. We'll put up our Christmas tree, and have a little egg nog while watching Chevy Chase in Christmas Vacation. It's a tradition that we never miss.


Of course at some point, the stress factor will begin to creep in, like forgetting to buy a certain gift that ends up becoming impossible to find or realizing it's time to start baking with only a week left before Christmas Eve! And then there will be our quest to find the perfect Christmas card, that can be a whole day..OK, now I'm starting to feel the pressure.


I think I'll just get back to enjoying the season and worry about all that other stuff another day. So go ahead, enjoy your holiday season..while you can!


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