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The Son Returns!
Posted 5/16/2011 11:39:00 AM

I can't believe it, Jarrod is home from his first year at college. He made it through two semesters. Or as some of my friends have pointed out, I made it through two semesters!

It's wonderful to have him back. And believe me, I'm enjoying every moment. I love looking into his room and seeing signs of life. I love hearing his music playing. I especially love arriving home from work and just feeling his presence there.

I'm painfully aware, though, that there will be a time when he won't return home for the summer. He'll have his own life, his own apartment, take his own vacations, etc. So my goal is to savor the next several months that Jarrod spends with us. I'll be happy to make him some good home cooked meals and take him to the mall for some new clothes. If he needs more saline solution for his contact lenses, no problem, I'll pick it up at the supermarket when I go shopping. If he wants to share some news, if he has a dilemma or is looking for some advice, I'm here.

I realize that my role as mom is ever changing and I'm not needed in the same way that I was when my son was younger. That's OK. As long as I can be there when he does need me, then I'm happy.

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