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Mom And The Little Things
Posted 5/5/2011 12:06:00 PM
Happy Mother's Day! Those are wonderful words to hear, and wonderful to say. I had the privilege of expressing my appreciation to my mother for many years. I'm grateful for that. Even though she is longer with us, I will continue to honor her on this Mother's Day.
Looking back, it's easy to remember how loving and giving she was. But it's all the little things my mother did that I'm thinking of right now. These are memories stored deep within me, but which surface from time to time. Points in time that remind me of the kind of person my mother was. For instance, if there was an overcooked or burned portion of a meal that she had made, she would take that portion for herself. One year, when I was very young, I had a project due at school, one of those dioramas in a shoebox. It looked horrible (an artist I am not!). Mom stayed up late with me and we fixed it together so that it would look half way decent. She painstakingly baked beautiful doll cakes for my birthday, cakes that would rival anything the Cake Boss makes! She would drive me to swimming lessons at Snake Pond on the Cape, flying over the dirt road as if in a NASCAR race so that we wouldn't be late.
She put up with my piano playing for hours on end as I tried to figure out how to play Elton John instead of Mozart. She sat through every concert and performance I was ever in, beaming with pride. It was no trouble for her to make a chicken broth soup with the little pastas in it whenever I was sick.
She was even there for me when I became an adult. I remember a night when I was particularly sad about a break up I was going through. My parents and I had dinner together that evening and then they left to drive home. Not long after they had left, there was a knock on my door. It was mom and dad again. My mother decided I shouldn't be alone, so she had asked my dad to drive her back and drop her off so that she could stay with me. I'll never forget that.
So happy Mother's Day Doris Quill. Rest assured, all the things you did and all the love you gave remain within me, always.
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