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What a Difference a Day Makes
Posted 4/25/2011 11:12:00 AM

Easter weekend has come and gone. I hope yours was wonderful. Sunday's weather couldn't have been better, especially since the day before was so dreary. Not to mention on Saturday our ice maker stopped working properly. I found out when I opened the freezer in the afternoon and saw that it was caked with ice! Water had poured from the ice maker into the freezer and froze solid. I just wanted to cry. We spent that afternoon and evening defrosting and chipping away at the ice. Of course most of the food had to be discarded, except for a few things , which we cooked up and had for dinner that evening. A unique smorgasbord to say the least!

But then came Easter Sunday, in all its warmth and sunshine. This was the day I thought would be the hardest, since it would be the first Easter without my mother. My son, Jarrod, was away at school so he wasn't going to be joining us this year. So it was a gathering of just four people: my husband, sister, nephew and me. However, what I thought would be a sad Easter Sunday, turned out to be a most joyous occasion. My sister set a beautiful table, we shared in cooking the dinner. The conversation was upbeat, there was plenty of laughter, the food was spectacular. The Celtics swept the Knicks. I called Jarrod and passed the phone around so that the others could speak with him and wish him a happy Easter.

Our family may have looked smaller at the dinner table, but the spirits of those not with us were clearly present. And it felt good. There were no tears. When I think about it, that's how an Easter Sunday should be.

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