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The Best Neighbors
Posted 2/4/2011 10:59:00 AM
There's nothing like having great neighbors. I know it isn't always that way, I've heard all kinds of stories about neighbors that have difficulty with each other. On one side of our house, Roger and I have a set of neighbors, the other side of the house is woods, followed by an old graveyard. OK, maybe I'll count that as the quiet neighbors. But today I'm here to talk about the neighbors(the living ones) in the house that's next to us. We've known them for 19 years and have always had a wonderful relationship with them, getting together every once in a while for a cocktail and hors d'oeuvres or perhaps a dinner. We've helped each other out when one of us needed an extra hand in the yard. But yesterday afternoon, I realized just how special they are. I walked out of the house to do a bit of shoveling when it dawned on me I had locked myself out and I didn't have a key to get back in. The hidden spare key went to a door that had a screen slider in front of it. The screen was frozen shut. The temperature was in the low 20's, I was snow covered after walking in thigh-deep snow to that frozen side door. My hands were getting numb, so I decided to walk to the neighbor's house. I hated to knock on their door unannounced. And I was feeling silly and stupid for being in this predicament to begin with. But there they were, at the door welcoming me in. Quickly they took my boots and gave me some dry clothing and socks. They insisted I change and then sit by the fire with a glass of wine. After I had called Roger to tell him, no, the roof hadn't caved in, I had just locked myself out, my neighbors told me that I would join them for dinner and that they wouldn't take no for an answer. Eventually, Roger arrived to pick me up and bring me back home. But I didn't leave without telling my wonderful neighbors just how wonderful they are. And their answer to me was, “Our door is always open”. Yes, those are the best kinds of neighbors.
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