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Posted 1/19/2011 12:26:00 PM
There are some big shifts happening in the entertainment industry. I'm not sure I like all of the changes, it makes me feel a bit out of sorts. There's comfort in the familiar. It all started with Larry King, when he decided to leave. That was the start of it all. And wouldn't you know he left just as my mom relented and got cable. She always liked Larry King when she was able to see him at our house or at the cottage on the cape. She refused to get cable all of these years in her own home, and then when she finally had it installed, goodbye Larry. I don't think Piers Morgan has quite the same appeal. Now, Simon Cowell is gone from Idol and that show will not be the same no matter what you say. Could it be better without him? Who knows? But I'm not holding my breath. Oprah's leaving soon. She's in her farewell season. Then there's Steve Carell – say it isn't so! He's leaving The office in April. I guess I'll be watching him in re-runs on My TV. And then the most recent news that Regis Philbin is leaving “Live With Regis and Kelly” at the end of the summer! See? It's a change overload. The only thing we can hope for is that someone else can come along to make us forget about our former favorites. So Piers Morgan, Steven Tyler, John Krasinski, Anderson Cooper, and Ellen Degeneres, we're counting on you!
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