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The Winter Break Ends
Posted 1/13/2011 10:51:00 AM

An entire winter break has come and gone, almost. This Sunday Jarrod goes back to college to begin his second semester after being home since December 18th. Once again, I'm going to miss him. It's been wonderful to have him home. In fact, my friend Debby, the mother of Jarrod's best friend, described the feeling of having her son home as luxurious. The more I thought about it, she was right. It was luxurious. When Jarrod first returned last month, I could sense that he needed to go through a re-entry process. After all, he had been out on his own for several months. But as we celebrated the holidays and as he reconnected with his high school friends, it was like he had never left. It felt so normal, the way it used to be before he became a college student. But now it's time to let him go again. That's OK, it's the way it should be, and besides, when he comes home in May, he'll be around for four months! Now that will be a luxury!

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