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A Modest Hero
Posted 11/15/2010 11:54:00 AM
This past Veteran's Day made me think of the vets in my family. My brother, who served during the Vietnam era, and my father, who served during World War II in the Pacific. Dad arrived in Japan soon after the bombs had been dropped. In fact, he had a watch that still emitted radiation decades after he was there! He told me so many amazing stories about his stay in the army, they were part of the father-daughter bedtime “tuck-in” ritual. Japan was where he began a long and successful career in radio. He was the program manager for one of the armed forced radio outlets there. When he left the military he continued on as a radio personality, general manager, sales manager, news director, the list goes on and on! He did it all, and received many awards for his contributions to the industry and to his community. But here's what makes me most proud of him. He would never brag about any of it. I was reminded of that recently when a former Kiwanis Club mate of his commented to me that Joe Quill was very modest. This man didn't even know about my dad's military service. That's the way Dad was. He never wanted to call attention to himself or to his accolades and awards. Now I know why. For him, none of those things meant a thing. What was most important was his family, his friends and service to others. As his Kiwanis Club friend stated, Joe was “indeed part of the Greatest Generation”. Yes he was..and he was my dad.
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