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Thirsty? Try This!
Posted 11/8/2010 12:10:00 PM
What do you call this beverage? Soda? Tonic? Soft drink? Pop? Whatever you call it, it's an extremely sweet carbonated drink with very little nutritional value, if any. So if you like the sparkle but you don't like the empty calories, here's a suggestion. I've been concocting a beverage that satisfies my craving for soda-pop, but is a bit healthier. Here's what I do. I mix various juices with a flavored sparking water and, voila! I have an instant, delicious soft drink. A couple of hints, make sure you use 100% juice, and make sure the sparkling water is flavored but not sweetened. One of my favorites is mixing orange juice with cran-raspberry juice, then adding a splash of Polar vanilla-flavored sparking water. It's just sweet enough and tastes even better than soda. Go ahead, try it, come up with your own flavor variations. It's fun and a healthier way to quench your thirst.
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