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Posted 11/5/2010 12:21:00 PM
How's the candy situation in your house? Do you still have bags leftover from Halloween? Are you raiding your kids' stash? We are now in what I call the sweets season, which starts at Halloween and ends at Easter. From now until then, it's non stop sugar. Just think, trick or treating brings in the first supply, then Thanksgiving with those cute little turkey shaped chocolates. By the way, the autumn Kisses you bought in October still count in November. But then comes the official holiday season, and there is no escaping the candy at this point. The Kisses turn red, green and silver. So you think you're done on New Year's Day, but take a walk down the supermarket's “seasonal aisle”. If you don't see the Valentine's Day goodies by January 2nd, then your supermarket has missed the boat! That's right, red and pink Kisses. Wait, there's more. Creeping up on you during the week of Valentine's Day are those chocolate bunnies and fancy chocolate eggs. Yes, my friends, Easter will have arrived and at this point, take a look around your home. There may be stray “fun bite” Snickers, perhaps a hardened chocolate marshmallow Christmas tree, and a valentine box with a few leftover pieces of candy(the kind that noone likes). And you don't have the heart to throw them out. But you will, on Memorial Day. Because that's when barbeque season begins!
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