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Reach For the Skype!
Posted 9/16/2010 12:26:00 PM

Do you have a camera on your computer,,and have you Skyped yet? Whoa, this is wild. Ok, maybe I'm behind the curve a bit, but last night was the first time Roger and I officially saw and spoke to our son, Jarrod, via Skype since he left for college. I can't begin to tell you how great it was to see him. He looked great, very clean shaven for 9:30 at night(a fresh shave just for us, I'm guessing) and he was very excited to tell us all about his classes, his new friends and his extracurricular activities. Well, I'm sure we didn't hear ALL of the extracurricular stories. But it really felt as if he was right there with us in the dining room. And it felt great to connect with him this way. One thing though, this is not a telephone. Anything you say or do can possibly be heard or seen by roommates and dorm-mates. So be careful not to use that cutesy little nickname you've called your son or daughter since they were little! Yep, I'm gonna remember that next time.

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  1. DanaL posted on 09/21/2010 09:07 AM
    I agree with you that Skype is the greatest. My wife and I have been using it since our daughter headed off to college back in August. It is such a simple way to communicate and so much better than email or the phone. We have met Katelyn's roommate and new feiends without traveling have way across the country. Good Skyping!!!
  2. GinaN_5 posted on 09/21/2010 07:42 PM
    I do agree Nancy, you never know who is watching or listening to what you are doing or saying
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