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Holding On To Summer
Posted 8/24/2010 11:10:00 AM
Day three of the rain and drizzle, I'm done. We needed the rain and we got it, so let's get back to summertime sunshine. After all, we don't have that many days left. I want to wear my summer whites, sandals and shorts, I want to slather on the sunscreen, I want to grill out some more. While I think I'm allowed to wear shorts and grill out after Labor Day, they tell me the summer whites should be shelved. Say it isn't so! I'm over reacting a bit because I know I only have a little less than two weeks before Jarrod heads off to college. That's really it.  If I could just prolong the summer a little bit more, that would be great, and Jarrod would still be at home. I know things won't be the same once he's at school. Nothing wrong with that, it's all part of the growing process.

Time indeed marches on, you can't stop the future from coming. But what you can do is enjoy the time you have today with the ones you love. I think back on the times my own parents would be sad to see me leave after visiting them on the Cape or at their place in Florida. This is all when I was an adult! And I distinctly remember my mother-in-law crying as she and my father-in-law were leaving to return to Ohio after a Christmas visit to our home. Now I know how our parents were feeling! You can't help but miss your children, even when they're adults. Let' face it, you have loved them and nurtured them for many years.  You can't just turn those feelings off just because they grow up and live elsewhere.

So enjoy every moment you have with your kids while you can.  Talk, laugh, and cry if you want.  But be in the moment. Those moments will be fewer and far between as time goes on!
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