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Back To The Routine...Or Not
Posted 8/16/2010 12:08:00 PM
Here's an observation. Have you noticed that whenever you return from a vacation, you end up being busier than ever? All that r and r goes right out the window as soon as you start the whole routine again. Maybe it's because you have to make up for all that you didn't do while you were away. There's laundry to do, perhaps yard work, too. No food in the house? You have to go grocery shopping. All those e-mail and voice mail messages need a response. The kids resume play dates and lessons. At this point you long for another vacation to recover from the post vacation week. No fun. So here's the solution as far as I'm concerned. Your first week back from vacation, don't make any appointments or play dates (unless of course the kids are going to the house of someone else). The laundry can wait. Go out to dinner until you can make it to the supermarket. Finally, return those calls and reply to those e-mails later. Then perhaps you can extend the feeling of being on vacation a little bit home!
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