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That's no bee, it's a yellowjacket!
Posted 7/12/2010 11:29:00 AM
So it wasn't a bee that stung me last weekend, it was a yellow-jacket. And now the battle is on! We have a hive under our deck, and the little pests are taking over. Unfortunately, it's in a place that's hard to treat. Evidently, if you want to get rid of these darling creatures, you need to do it at dusk or at dawn while they are sleeping in the hive. You need to destroy the yellow-jackets AND pull down the hive if you want any peace. As you can imagine, who wants to go under a deck with very little light and start spraying? Not that my husband hasn't tried. In fact, Roger got up at the break of dawn this morning, covered himself from head to toe with clothing to protect himself, complete with a nylon stocking over his face. Yes, he looked ultra scary, and yes, I have a photo of his get-up, but I think I'll refrain from sharing it at the moment. Anyway, he was all ready for combat, costumed and holding his can of spray. He rounded the bottom of our deck, then stooped underneath it to observe, when suddenly, one of the critters came buzzing by his head! So much for sleeping yellow-jackets! It wasn't looking good, plus, there just wasn't enough light to see the hole in the hive that these pests fly in and out of. That's what you have to spray into to prevent them from coming out and attacking. So, it was time to retreat. The score? Yellow-jackets -1, Humans – 0. Perhaps it's time to call in the reinforcements. I think we'll call the Orkin Man.
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  1. CarolJ_6 posted on 07/12/2010 07:39 PM
    We had some right outside our doorway last year. THey were nesting in the base of an azalea plant and were deep in the ground. My brother was using a weed whacker and thay attacked and wouldnt let up. TOok 2 of us to get them away. Wed drowned them with bleach and using bug spray. Not environ corrct for anything else but us - but we count too! Be careful, once they go after you, they know your scent. Not worth negotiating with. Need to get them out. spray them as you go till you can get at the nest. the Queen keeps them going. Once you get most of them, she'll come out. She's big, but slow. Easier to get than the others. They struck us mid-day, and we dowsed them again early the next morning. Then that afternoon. SO 3 really solid attacks to get them to leave or die.
  2. DebbieN_4 posted on 07/14/2010 09:04 PM
    Love your story. Just an idea that might save on Orkin. I'm sure experts would say no. I would use an 8 dollar fire extinguisher to stun and blast the little buggers. They hibernate in cold. If a fire extinguisher is cold, they'll hibernate. The power of the extinguisher will keep them away along with the the power it sprays.
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