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The Very Long And Winding Road
Posted 6/10/2010 1:02:00 PM
How's your commute these days? Is it me or has traffic become worse? Sometimes there's just no rhyme or reason for the long delays. It can be a beautiful day and still traffic crawls along. Of course, just one accident can tie up the morning and afternoon drives for hours. Even solar slowdowns can keep traffic from moving. Not to mention rainy days and snowstorms. We all know what those can do! And while we're at it, what's up with the HOV lane on the expressway? I remember years ago when it first opened, the front page of the paper read, “Relief Is On The Way!” Well, that never happened. The Southeast Expressway is worse than ever. Probably because the HOV lane has to eventually merge with the other lanes further up the road creating a bottleneck! But you can't blame the people that design the roadways too much. Most times, there's not enough land to widen the roads or to create new and better exits and entrances. Enough ranting. So how do you handle the extra time spent in your vehicle? I know I like to listen to the radio. I'm sure you guessed that, and of course, I listen to Morning Magic!. It alleviates some of the angst that occurs while time ticks away and all the while I'm far away from Morrissey Boulevard! My husband swears by the commuter rail, though. Less stress and keeps mileage down on his car. Hmm, less stress, that's very appealing. In the meantime, I'll turn on the AC, turn up the radio and wave to you as we sit side by side in our cars, going nowhere fast!
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  1. SheilaH posted on 06/12/2010 12:33 PM
    I was on my way to work the other day on 95N (128 to locals) and saw, in order 1 car broken down, a 2 car accident, a 3 car accident and a 4 car accident! Fortunately it did not appear that anyone was injured, but you can imagine what traffic was like!
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