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Graduation and then...
Posted 6/7/2010 11:05:00 AM
I'm exhausted, I admit it. Who thought my son's senior year in high school would be so exhausting..for me! All the college prep, applications, essays, making sure grades are kept up, etc.. But I see light at the end of the tunnel, finally. Jarrod graduated from high school yesterday, a very proud moment for us, I must say. That little boy who started his academic journey in preschool successfully made it to this moment. But let's face it, as parents, we have also gone through the years and years of schooling. How many projects have you worked on with your son and daughter? How many rehearsals, musical and theatrical productions have you watched? Or sporting events? How many lunches have you made? How many nights did you quiz your child before a big test? How many items that your child forgot to bring to school have you had to deliver to them at the last minute? All of the volunteering, carpooling, play dates. We've been so intertwined in the lives of our children and at the same time, as adults, we've had our own lives to deal with. However, we are about to become less involved as many of our kids move on to higher education, jobs and other things that they alone will be responsible for. It's a time of letting go, regrouping just a bit, and maybe catching up on rest? Something tells me that may not be happening anytime soon!
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