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Mike Addams
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Mike Addams has been on the radio in Boston since the days when the Bay City Rollers were on the cover of Tiger Beat magazine. Do not confuse him with anyone else on the radio who has a similar name. He was on WRKO back when it was a Top 40 station, plus WHDH, WZOU, WODS and MAGIC sister station Country 96.9. His longest gig is the current one: for sixteen years Mike has hosted MORNING MAGIC. It's the #1 music morning show in Boston.

Mike's warm, friendly manner is especially appealing to our primarily female target audience. He's joined each morning by Candy O'Terry who gives you the info you need to know to get your day started: weather, traffic and the most important news stories. Mike, of course, plays the MOST MUSIC IN THE MORNING.

Mike's dog The Penzinator relaxing on her new personalized bed.
 The dog is a Cairn Terrier named Penzie, short for Penzance (as in "The Pirates of Penzance").

When did you start at MAGIC? August 1996

Favorite Restaurant: Au jour d'hui

Favorite MAGIC Artist: U2/Rihanna Favorite

Actor/Actress: Alec Baldwin/Cate Blanchett

All-time Favorite Movie: The Bourne Identity

TV Show you never miss: Two and a Half Men

Favorite food: Filet Mignon

Least favorite food: Tofu anything

Favorite drink: Sam Adams - room temperature

Your ideal vacation is: San Francisco - any time of the year

What would you do if you weren’t on the radio? Usher at Fenway

Historical event you wish you could have witnessed? Beatles Roof Top Concert

Favorite place in Boston: M.F.A.

Worst job you ever had? Never had a really bad job

Favorite athlete: The "Youk"

Most embarrassing moment on the radio? You tell me - was it when I said...