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David Allan Boucher
 David Allan Boucher
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David Allan Boucher has the longest running and nighttime show in Boston. He has hosted BEDTIME MAGIC since its inception in 1982.  David's larger-than-life voice and unique delivery make him one of a kind.  He’s got a certain air of mystery…there seems to be an inability to produce a picture of David Allen Boucher.  The last name is pronounced Boo-Shay.  Each weeknight wind down with the legendary BEDTIME MAGIC.




Quote: Originally Posted by Cosmic NAH says he can make money searching for something. I got a test for you. Who can produce a picture of a guy called David Allen Boucher That is all I will tell you. The last name is pronounced Boo-Shay How much effort does it take you to find this item. Can you post it here? Good test for you NAH. There might be people willing to pay for something like that. BTW - I have never seen a pix of him. Sanity check, how do you know it him, where was it taken. Read more:


David Allan Boucher, WMJX FM "Magic 106.7" Boston --The king of mellow for many years at Magic 106.7, David Allen Boucher could probably calm down "Extreme Homes" host Ty Pennington with just a half hour of listening to this local, legendary soft rock show. Boucher has a deep, soothing voice that never tires, ironic in the fact that it will make you tire. But that is why he has been a staple at Magic 106.7 for three decades -- he can cast a sandman spell on the most uptight corporate yuppies needing to unwind. He has a distinctive, methodical style and can introduce a Roberta Flack or Peabro Bryson song than probably anyone in the country.

When did you start at MAGIC?  6 p.m. on January 6, 1982!  The day they flipped the switch and turned the place on!

Favorite type of food?  Thai & French. It’s getting easier to get Thai food…but harder to find good French food!

Favorite MAGIC artist?  Too many to name!  And they’re always changing!

Favorite new TV show?  The Newsroom (HBO)

American Idol or The Voice?  Miss them both, because I am on the air keeping people company each night on Magic!

Favorite drink?  Diet Coke!

Favorite thing to cook?  Soups and stews (Lots of chopping!)

Favorite place to vacation?  Caribbean!

What would your alternate career be if you didn’t work at MAGIC?  I couldn’t think of doing anything else! 

What’s the worst job you ever had?  Tossing pizza’s in the air at Napoli’s Pizzeria!

Who is your celebrity crush?  I don’t follow celebrities…oh, alright…Halle Berry.

Dogs or Cats, or Neither?  2 dogs!  1 big, 1 small.  (Never thought I would like little dogs.)

Favorite place to take your tourist friends when they visit Boston?  Faneuil Hall, Newbury Street, North end.