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Posted 4/19/2012 6:54:00 PM

I can't believe Fenway Park is celebrating it's 100th year anniversary tomorrow. The Sox are going to play the Yankees, just like they did 100 years ago, except the Yankees were the Highlanders then. Both teams will be in their 1912 uniforms which will be cool and funny at the same time.

My son and I were at Fenway Sunday for the game and I must say the old ball park looks terrific! Red Sox ownership has done even more updates and renovations. Fenway as they say is America's most beloved ball park. When people come to Boston, Fenway is always a must see. Even though some of the seats are small with out a lot of leg room, and some don't even face directly straight ahead to the field, one thing Fenway has is character.

To this day I can still remember vividly in detail the first time I walked up that ramp on the 1st base side of the field, and all I could see was a sea of the greenest green I had ever seen in my young life. It was a sight for sore eyes, just beautiful, I'll never forget it. I started taking my son there when he was 4 years old and he's continued to go with me many,many times over the years since. We were sitting in our seats Sunday, and as he was gazing out at the field said to me " I love it here Dad."


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