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Just a Tease...
Posted 3/21/2012 3:42:00 PM

You do realize that this incredible record breaking weather is just a tease right? Mother nature has a way of playing with us New Englanders quite often. This is what makes us so hearty.

The unseasonably warm temperatures not only play with us, but it fools the early spring flowers and the bugs. I was taking a walk today and saw a big black ant crossing my path. I said "big fella are you going to be in for a shocker".

It'll get cool again, and the heat may even have to go back on for a night here and there before the actual benefits of the spring season fully arrive, but I have to tell you...this is terrific. It adjusts everyone's mood instantly and makes for an all around better day for evryone. If this is how mother nature teases, you can tease me all you want baby!

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