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No Thanks........
Posted 3/17/2012 2:46:00 PM

This is going to be short and sweet....even though I have a lot of Irish in me, I just have never been able to wrap my mouth around a boiled dinner. You know....corned beef, cabbage, carrots, potatoes, the works.

I like beer, I just don't want any green food coloring in it. I'm a very visual guy, so when I see the green in my mug, I don't know, I guess I just get psyched out about the color.

I do love Irish music, especially Danny Boy,(wonder why) and the parade in Southie! I love that so many seem to be in such a great mood on St Patrick's day, and that everyone is Irish. But if you offer me a boiled dinner or a mug of green beer...I'm just going to say, "no thanks!" I truly hope you had a terrific St. Patricks day!

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