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Oh These Christmas Lights!
Posted 12/9/2011 5:25:00 PM

Here we go again! It's Friday afternoon, December 9th and I'm having a debate in my own noggin whether or not to tackle the Christmas lights that go on all the bushes around my humble abode. It's always a daunting task, from getting all the lights from last year down from the attic, to the untangling excitement of it all!

Every year when I tackle this project I seem to gravitate to doing it during the night...you know when it's real dark. I say that it's easier for me to see how the lights will actually look all lit up in the splendor of the night..he..he.. when in actuality I think it's just a good excuse for me to indulge in the world of Christmas libations. It just wouldn't be proper to see Dan Justin stumbling around the front of his house with a glow on in the morning or even afternoon, I don't want the neighbors talking. In years past I've been known to be out there in all my Christmas splendor at 2 or 3 in the morning...it's really really dark then you know!!!

When all is said and done I am always so proud and happy to take many steps back in front of my house and admire my work. All the bushes, the handrails on the stairs, the lights in all the windows, the wreath on the front door...it was all worth it. The house always looks amazing, and it's always in honor of the birth of the baby Jesus.


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