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Pretentious Poppycock!!
Posted 11/22/2011 6:02:00 PM

Please...please...please tell me you're not one of the pretentious people who double kiss!! What do you mean, "double" kiss, you may ask?  Lately I've been noticing more and more, especially on some of the Housewives shows, that these women and men do the double kiss. You know, when you're greeting someone, or just saying hello to a friend, and you kiss them on each cheek ! What the heck is that???  This ain't Europe, baby. That's a European thing. This is the good old U..S..of A..!  Unless I'm mistaken, we just say hello by a kiss on one cheek, your choice, or whichever cheek is offered to you.

I've noticed Kelly Ripa doing it lately on her show, too. Stoppppp!!!  I don't care if you have money or tons of material stuff, this is a pretentious move.  Alright, here comes some of the best advice I could ever give you.  Don't ever be a "wanna be."  Lets say you wanna be rich, or you wanna be something you're not yet, just be yourself on your way to your dreams and aspirations.  Don't be a poser and a double cheek kisser!  It's a pretentious move - in my opinion.

So no double kissing when you greet your Thanksgiving guests at the door, or go over someones house for the holiday..ok?  And if someone comes at you with the double kiss, just lean back and say whoa...whoa...what's up with that???  I wish you could see me laughing while I type this...but I do find pretentious poppycock like the double kiss, among other things "wanna be's" do, very amusing.

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