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Very Hard To Get Used To!!!!
Posted 11/8/2011 6:11:00 PM

Since this past Sunday I've been wrestling with, as Elton would say " the sun going down on me" around 4:30 in the afternoon. I mean this is not an easy transition for me, and I'm sure for you too.

Through the summer months when I get off the air at 8 PM it's usually still light out. Now when I look out my huge studio windows and it's so dark by 5 PM I tend to forget what time it really is. The sun rising earlier is nice but this falling into darkness in the afternoon is a tough pill to swallow.

Do you have any little things you do to trick your mind into believing that it's not that late? I'm going to try wearing a head band with a light attached to it so I always have light in my life for the upcoming winter months!!!! At least it was 72 degrees today! That was a nice treat! So if you see me walking down the street with my little light on my forhead, make sure you say "how you doin Danny boy"!!!

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  1. ChristinaC_10 posted on 11/12/2011 09:26 AM
    Great idea. I bought a couple of headlamps on ebay for $2.99 each. They're invaluable LED lamps. Vitamin D would work well too. Thank you Dan for your upbeat personality.
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