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I Was Impressed!
Posted 10/20/2011 6:26:00 PM

Not sure if you've become a fan of X Factor yet, but I sure have. I'm even enjoying it a little more than American Idol in some ways. The amount and caliber of talent on this show I am finding mind blowing. I'm sure this is due to the fact that age limits don't exist .

Tuesday night the four judges Simon Cowell, Paula, LA Reid and Nicole each had eight contestants at their respective homes to listen to them do one more song so that they could narrow the count down to just four each, which will make for sixteen total for the live shows which start next week. I couldn't believe some of the great singers that got let go. Then I thought about.....and the reasoning and premis behind the show is...do they have the x factor? That certain something that will make them a recording star!!

I was so impressed Tuesday night when Simon admitted he made a mistake in letting Melanie Amaro go. He sent her and her amazing voice home. He realized his mistake, admitted it and then flew to her home town, went to her house, knocked on the door and said that he was sorry and that he was wrong. I couldn't believe it. You have to respect a straight shooter who says it like it is, as Simon Cowell sure does and someone who admits when they're wrong. Watch for this Melanie Amaro to go far. She has a gorgeous voice. I can't wait for the next show!!! It'll be live!!!

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