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Ooooh..It Feels So Good!
Posted 10/11/2011 6:31:00 PM

It feels so good to turn on the American League MLB playoffs and not see the Yankees.

It feels so good to know the Yankees are not going to win the pennant.

It feels so good to know that A-Rod played so tragically bad!

Now what doesn't feel so good? Well to be honest, I hate to see two great players that the Red Sox employed last year, both in the American League playoffs. Third baseman Adrian Beltre playing his butt off for the Texas Rangers hitting homeruns, and Victor Martinez , always a threat when he gets up at bat for the Detroit Tigers. Like good old Bob Lobel used to say.."why can't we get players like that?" Well good for them and shame on the Sox for letting them go.

Now what do I find very amusing? When Mike Adams was pitching to Don Kelly last night in the Texas/Detroit game. They just don't spell their names correctly. It should be Mike Addams (d) from Morning Magic, and Don Kelley (e) our esteemed Progam Director and vice president of programming. It really did give me quite a chuckle. Now my dilemma is who to root for...Don Kelly with the missing "e" or Mike Adams with the missing "d". Ooooo it feels so good!!!

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