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It's Gotta Be This Week!!!!
Posted 10/4/2011 5:38:00 PM

While Dancing With the Stars is running, I try to predict who's going home for that week after I see Monday night's show, when the so called stars actually perform. Last week I thought that Chaz Bono would definitley being on the old train to oblivion, but somehow he made it to another week of so called dancing mediocrity. Last week Elisabetta (Clooney's ex) came off kind of witchy in rehearsals, so I think that was her downfall.

Well let me tell you, if Chaz makes it through this week, there's definitely something wrong in Danceville!!! He was absolutely terrible last night. I'm concerned that this could be a vote regarding an issue as opposed to actual dancing! I have resigned myself to the fact that for most of the shows it's a popularity contest until it gets down toward the end, but he barely dances. He wobbles around the dance floor. I do admire his courage for everything he's been through in life publicly, but this IS supposed to be a dancing show/contest.

You want to talk courage? I love JR Martinez. I would be delighted if he went all the way. Not only because he's an Iraq war hero who was severely disfigured, but because of what he represents. He's brave in so many ways. I get concerned if my hair looks bad on a day never mind having such terrible scarring as JR has. The thing is though that THIS GUY CAN DANCE!!!! God bless him. Well see what happens tonight.


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