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Moving Pictures!
Posted 9/7/2011 5:16:00 PM
Last week while on vacation had the chance to catch a couple movies. One I loved and the other I took a minor power nap in.
"The Help" is fantastic!!! I haven't read the book but seeing the movie made me really want to. I thought this would be a chick flick but it's an everybody flick with a great message, great acting and I actually got a little misty. I highly recommend it!
"Our Idiot Brother" on the other hand isn't horrible, just not what I expected going in. I love Paul Rudd who is the idiot brother, but I really expected more of a comedy. It does have many light moments, just not a comedy. It was a nice feeling movie though.
No matter how you cut it though..I love going to the movies, it's such a great escape from reality, especially when no one too tall, or with a huge head or big hair sits in front of you. Can't wait for my next flick and box of raisnettes!
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