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Wiseguy To The End!
Posted 6/24/2011 5:27:00 PM
   I find this whole Whitey Bulger thing absolutely fascinating. Can you imagine being on the lam for sixteen years?. He obviously would have liked his and Catherine's time at the beach to have been a lot longer, but still, this guy was like a chamelion. He just blended into the scenery like any one of us.
   I must say that there's no way someone or some people were not aiding Whitey with his retirement. How do you get over eight hundred thousand big ones and over thirty weapons from handguns to shot guns to knives in your rent controlled twelve hundred a month, two bedroom pad three blocks from the beach, wihout a little help from your friends?
   Whitey needs a court appointed lawyer. He told the judge this afternoon at The Joseph Moakely Federal Courthouse that he wouldn't need a court appointed lawyer if the judge would give him his money back. The judge said you need to talk to the prosecutor about that. That Whitey is such a wiseguy! Trust me on this when I tell you, there is going to be so much more to this story that finally comes out, lot's more!
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