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Posted 3/25/2011 9:06:00 AM
I am enjoying me some American Idol this season!!!! Seriously the show has been re-energized. If you caught last night's elimination show it was full of surprises. It opened with the eleven finalists staying with the motown theme from the night before singing Ain't No Mountain High Enough. Then all of a sudden the stage door opened and like the parting of the Red Sea out came Stevie Wonder singing one of his classics. Then he started asking where Steven Tyler was. Steven shouted from his judges pirch I'm here! Stevie said only for a friend...and started singing his hit Happy Birthday for Tyler's sixty third! They presented Steven with a painting of himself and a cake, he legitimately seemed overwhelmed.
       Ok so we're down to eleven finalists and Casey Abrams ends up with the least amount of votes. Time for Casey to pack it in and go home and on top of that not be able to go on the summer tour with the remaining ten. Oh wait, he still has to sing for his chance to see if the judges will use their only save for the season. So Casey starts singing and just as he gets going Randy stops him and says we don't need to hear you sing and Steven says we're gonna keep you!!! On top of that he gets to go on the summer tour with the other ten, pretty cool. Casey was so overwhelmed he had to sit down on the stage. I really thought it was a great show and there is just so much talent this year. Watch out though, two go home next week!
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