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Broken Hearted
Posted 3/15/2011 7:00:00 PM
Ok, so by now you probably realize that I'm kind of a reality show junkie! Did you enjoy last nights Bachelor finale? All the spoilers I read had said that Chantal was going to be Brad's pick, so what a shock it was to my system when he asked Emily to marry him! I did like both women but I have to say Emily is a special woman. She is your prototypical southern belle. I admire her wanting to protect her five year old daughter and to make sure that Brad knows exactly what he is getting into. So after the finale was over last night we had another hour of  fun with"After the Final Rose." It just keeps on going! I wasn't a bit surprised to find out that Brad and Emily had already hit a few speed bumps in their realtionship. Can you imagine falling in love with someone and then not be able to go out in public for months together? Then on top of that poor Emily watches the show every Monday night and sees exactly what Brad had been saying and doing with the other women. Not an easy thing to do and I'm sure that caused for some insecurity for Emily. She came out last night without that gorgeous engagement ring on and I said oh oh. Before the show ended however Brad pulled it out all sized correctly now and put it on her finger. I truly hope they make it. I don't know about you but every time I watch these shows my heart always breaks for the one left behind, the one that was rejected. Who in the world would put themselves through that? I guess that's the chance you take when you sign up for the fun! My heart still broke for Chantal though. I think she really believed that she had it in the bag. I'm a big believer that everything happens for a reason. Chantal has met someone new and is extremely happy now. I love a happy ending!
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  1. SusanJ posted on 03/20/2011 08:50 PM
    Thanks for facebook friendship! I love this station. Boston is the place. Thanks for being you.
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