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Egos Galore!
Posted 3/14/2011 5:19:00 PM
If you happen to watch Celebrity Apprentice then you'll know exactly what I'm talking about. You may agree or disagree. I have a whole new opinion of Ms Dionne Warwick. I've never been a fan of Star Jones but even now it's more intense. Last night Lisa Rinna got fired by Donald Trump. Now this Celebrtity Appentice thing is for charity, charities of all sorts that are important to each celebrity. Lisa Rinna was pushed into being the project manager of last night's task of writing and performing a children's book by her own team. The men beat the women with their creation so Lisa Rinna as project manager brought Dionne and Star back into the boardroom with her. Well the blood bath commenced. I understand that you need to be well organized and be able to delegate tasks to your team but Lisa first of all was bullied into being the project manager, she didn't want to be one just yet, not only that but Star and Dionne were so egotistical and unkind to her throughout the process. After the children's book was done Star wanted her name on the front of the book for writing it and Dionne wanted her name on the front cover also for the concept. Lisa wanted the whole teams name on the front because it was a team effort, and don't forget this is all for charity. Please...give me a break with the egos!!!! We all deal with out of hand egos every day, I know I do. I just keep reminding myself that this is a form of insecurity and that helps me be more sympathetic and compassionate to the poor souls with the out of whack egos. So poor Lisa is gone because she was too nice and allowed herself to be pushed around by the humungus egos she attemted to manage. So my message is this: never allow yourself to be buliied by someone that has a ridiculous ego. Don't stop being kind and respectful just have the class to be better than them and try to remember why they are the way they are.
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  1. DoloresG posted on 03/15/2011 07:07 PM
    Dan, I agree with you about egos galore. Dione Warwick was so catty Sunday night. That was their main reason for choosing Lisa as the project manager. They had it in for her. They wanted her to get fired, if their team lost. I think Lisa handled herself, very well,among the vultures. I'm sure Dionne and Star will have their turn being fired. I can't see either one of them winning. I couldn't get over Dionne's attitude, what a bitch. I was thinking why can't someone just shut her up. It's not easy being kind and respectful, when the person isn't so kind and respectful themself. I'll think of your message, the next time someone isn't so nice.
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