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Glimmer of spring!
Posted 2/8/2011 4:52:00 PM
They have loaded up the truck and it's on route headed south. What do you mean "what truck?"
The Red Sox equipment truck left Fenway today with all the stuff the players and coaches need to start SPRING training! Yeah "spring" training.
 Pitchers and catchers report at the beginning of next week and positional players at the end of next week. I almost feel like doing a jig, not quite yet though. When I see that first pitch thrown in a spring training game I may have to cut a rug! Oh yeah opening day is two months from today...Spankees at Fenway, April 8th!!!
It always gets me excited when this happens every winter, but this winter is a different story, isn't it? We need springtime and our Red Sox baaaaddddddd!!!!!!!
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