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I know, me too!
Posted 2/3/2011 5:45:00 PM
Hit after hit, the snow storms just keep coming! I know, I'm sick and tired of shoveling too. I'm sick and tired of inching out ever so slowly with my car from behind a snow bank in order that I keep on living. I'm sick and tired of the ice and the weathermen and the school cancellations and...well you get the picture. We're all in the same boat baby! However the difference with some people is they can put a positive light on all this weather craziness. I'm one of those people. After a fresh snow, what is more beautiful than that? It's so nice when there's no one on the road, silence sometimes can be golden. I like it when everything slows down and is quiet. I don't get enough of that. Now don't get me wrong I don't want too much quiet, I'll have plenty of that one day when I'm planted. Just sayin' that it's kind of nice once in a while. So... we have to do some shoveling and so the kids have been home and so we're running out of room to put the white stuff, that's alright with me. I'm here breathing deep and often with the ability to get out there to shovel and to be wet and cold.  I'm alive and I'm healthy, what more needs to be said ?
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