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Posted 1/19/2011 4:52:00 PM
Here we go...holdays have been over for a couple of weeks now...the weather has been very stormy. We usually deal with a blizzard every other year in Boston, we've had two within two weeks.
We just had more snow yesterday and rain today, and then we have another storm this Friday. With this amount of storminess, ( not sure if that's a word)  lack of sunshine and short days to boot, have you found yourself slipping into a funk? Don't do it!!!! You can avoid the funk baby!!! It may take a little effort though. What I try to do when I start to feel that down funky feeling, I work out. I try to get the blood cooking and flowing through the veins of the temple.(body) By doing this you'll get your endorphins going which in turn will make you feel so much better. If you can take a walk, by all means do it and concentrate on your breathing that way you won't be thinking about anything else. Before you know it the warmer temperatures of spring will be here and we'll be outside once again with Mr. Sun smiling down at us. Then again you could just indulge in a giant hot fudge Sunday, that always stops the slipping for a while. Just kidding...get on that treadmill baby,!!
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