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Not in Gear!
Posted 12/7/2010 5:56:00 PM
I'll tell ya the motor is having trouble going  at full speed today. Do you ever have days like that?  Do you happen to know of any kind of natural pick me up besides coffee or soda?
 I find that on a day like today I'm dragging my sweet buns and have tried my special smoothie recipe, also tried a tablespoon of honey and cinnamon, tried working out, and nothing seems to be working. Does this ever happen to you ? Maybe you could give a radio guy some good advice on how to put some energy into his temple (body)! Come on baby give it to me, I'm all eyes!
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  1. LauraS_18 posted on 12/07/2010 07:38 PM
    How about some protein (protein drink, nuts, etc)? Usually when people feel tired, they go for sugar and carbs or caffine and this may help for a short time, but when it wears off, they crash. A protien will keep your blood sugar sustained. Something that combines a carb and a protein may help too. The carb raises your blood sugar and then the protein sustains it so you don't crash. Hope this helps.
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