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When to Dive In!
Posted 12/3/2010 7:03:00 PM
I kind of have ths tradition that I've been doing for some years now. I decorate the house with many many lights on the bushes in front of our palacial estate (kidding), I put white candles in the windows and white lights all over the bushes except for one. That's a special bush. When my son Austin was very young, probably about 4 years old I told him that he could choose any bush in the yard and decorate it any way he wanted. So I figured that he would choose a nice big bush in the back yard that only we would see, but NO...my guy chose the biggest bush in the front of the house and wanted it decorated with the multicolored lights. Being a man of my word that's exactly what I did. To this day the house is all white lights except for that one special bush. I'm just trying to decide when to dive in and start the process. You see that tradition I was talking about earlier also involves my dear departed mother's recipe for great libations called brandy alexanders. I make a pitcher of those puppies and lookout...Danny Boy is outside decorating up a storm until the wee hours of the night...all white lights and that beautiful colored Christmas bush that my son chose years ago, and that my wife and I love looking at every single year.
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