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Posted 11/30/2010 6:37:00 PM
I just can't help myself and the more I think about it... that's ok. I'm not ashamed. I'm not ashamed that watching a Hallmark movie Sunday night called "November Christmas" caused me to get quite misty a number of times. The funny thing is that during a Hallmark presentation like this during commercial breaks, they run Hallmark commercials, and they all got me misty as well. They were all filled with touching human emotion type stuff.
 I have to tell you, I'm a man that loves to work out, loves sports, loves meat and potatoes, well mostly chicken and fish, heehee, and I love to hang with the guys, so what's up with being so sensitive during movies and commercials about love and caring? Nothing's up. I'm proud to be a guy that is not afraid to show his sensitive side and get a bit teary when struck with a beautiful sentiment. whether it be in a movie, commercial or in life. Don't be afraid to let it show. It's not a sign of weakness, more so a sign of strength and being in touch with your heart.. Now who can lend me "Love Story?" hehe
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