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Time For Reality
Posted 11/23/2010 4:27:00 PM
Alright enough is enough! It's time for reality to set in on Dancing With The Stars. If Bristol Palin walks out of that soundstage with that mirror ball trophy tonight it will be an abomination. Everyone is entitled to their own political views, but not when it involves an entertainment show about dancing. The tea party people who have kept Bristol the Pistol on the show by voting so much for  the girl with the least amount of talent need to get a grip, as well as the morons who are making death threats against Bristol and her dance partner Mark. This show is not about politics. It is pure and simple entertainment. I do feel very bad for Bristol. This is not her fault. The people who can't decpiher the differences in life between fun, entertainment and politics need to get some serious therapy. Oh yeah and if by chance Bristol does win tonight, don't do anything stupid like shoot your television, which a knucklehead in Wisconsin did the other night after a Bristol performance. May the most talented dancer win.
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