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Posted 11/17/2010 4:00:00 PM
Last nights debacle on Dancing With The Stars was a damn shame. I wasn't a huge Brandy fan, thought she was a bit too dramatic and diva like at times, however that doen't mean that her dancing talent, improvement and prowess over Bristol Palin should have been overlooked by the knucklehead viewers who managed to launch a less talented dancer, Bristol the Pistol into the finals next Monday night on ABC. Now don't get me wrong about Bristol, I think that she has improved immensely over the past nine weeks. She has no show business experience whatsoever, only a mother who was a vice presidential candidate. Hey wait a minute...no...never....not in the good ol United States of America...the viewers wouldn't vote based on their politics would they? You're damn right they would and they did. What a damn shame. Sorry Brandy you were robbed baby!
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  1. Millieboop posted on 11/19/2010 03:45 PM
    I think Bristol should have gone home a long time ago. I like Brandy and she is a much better dancer than Ms. Palin.
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