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A Bit Slower Please.
Posted 11/10/2010 4:55:00 PM
I hate wakes and funerals, but it is part of life and part of being respectful and supportive to family and friends at a dire and upsetting time. My last living aunt passed away a few days ago and we had the wake and funeral all in one day, yesterday. I looked around and noticed so many family members such as cousins that I loved and cared about. The weird thing is I hardly ever see them unless it's a wake, funeral or a happier occasion like a wedding. Why do you think this is? Are we all so busy and caught up in our own lives that we tend to forget our relatives. Some may say that it's a blessing to not see some of their relatives. That may be so, but they can't all be knuckleheads right? Here's wishing for a slower not so fast paced life. Are you in the same boat, only seeing relatives and friends from years gone by at wakes, funerals and weddings? Let's slow down and smell,... well I don't care what you smell...smell the roses, smell the damn coffee, just slow down and smell something and appreciate what we all take for granted. OK?
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  1. Millieboop posted on 11/12/2010 08:34 AM
    I thought the same thing about my family, we would never see each other unless a wedding or funeral. And now that my dad has passed, I don't see that part of the family at all. But thank god for facebook, most of my cousin's are on there and at least we keep in touch that way.
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