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Are you the one?
Posted 10/28/2010 4:40:00 PM
Are you the one when driving that doesn't use your blinker when taking a turn? Are you the one that doesn't yeild to other drivers when you should? Are you the one that gets in the passing lane on the highway and goes too slow? Are you the one that doesn't give other drivers the right of way when you enter a rotary? Are you the one that has your high beams on at night when they shouldn't be. Are you the one that is not courteous on the road? I myself can be an aggressive driver, however I pride myself as also being kind, courteous, and careful. My son is just starting to drive and I am teaching him these qualities. I must say he is doing very well. So listen...try to be kind and careful out there, for me, for you, for your family, and for my son. If you need to confess anything about your driving skills I'm all eyes.
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