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Simple Hoodsie!!!
Posted 9/29/2010 6:18:00 PM
I like to keep it simple. I like a simple life. I like simple questions. I love simple answers. I hate making things a federal case and bigger and more important than they should be just to make myself feel important. So when I need a little pick me up I try to think of something simple, to do just that. I find that if you bring yourself back to what made you happy as a child, it will most likely make you happy now. We just don't stop and think often enough in our busy hectic lives to remember that. As a child I simply liked Hoodsies. So I simply went to the supermarket and bought some. I simply had a couple of them and for some strange simple reason, I had a simple pick me up. Do yourself a favor, keep things simple and you'll simply be happy.
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