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It Just Feels Itchy!
Posted 9/23/2010 6:17:00 PM
Can you believe what we've been hearing about bed bugs lately? It's down right nasty! Thank God they're not deadly, just a big pain in the kiester baby! I myself have never had the unfortunate experience of encountering a bed bug thank God. If you have, you have my sympathies. I just happened to read something today that caught me off guard about the pesky little creatures. Did you know that they could possibly hang out in dressing rooms in clothing stores? Yeah...neither did I!!! They can be on the benches, the chairs, around the mirror or in any dark crevice. So make sure that you hang up the clothes that you are about to try on and the clothes that you wore to the store. I would wash any new clothes when you got home also. Oh momma...I have to go now, my skin is crawling!
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