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Posted 9/14/2010 7:15:00 PM
Ahhhhhh.... the fresh scent of fall, well not officially meteorolically yet, but when the kids are back at school, the Patriots have started the season, you need a sweatshirt on some days and evenings all is good in the world for this boy. I love the fall!!! It is without a doubt my favorite season, and not because my birthday comes around in the fall, it's just simply invigorating. Dry air, crisp evenings with the fireplace going, the smell of burning leaves, actually anything to do with leaves is so inviting. You can play in em', you can wonder at their changing beauty and you can burn them. well in some communities. Then there's good old Halloween, so much fun for the kids and some aduits, like me!!!! I'm so happy I could just skip down the road right now!!!! ahahahahahahah
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